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So What Is Mobilegeddon:

Its A Combination Of “ Mobile And Armageddon”. From April 21,2015 Google Has Anounced That A Penalty Should Be Applied On Those Websites Who Are Not Mobile Optimized. Its All “GAME Of Rankings”.
Experts At Google Says, “ We Know That 60% Of Traffic On Any Websites Comes From Mobile Devices, So We Think There Should Be Some Benefits For Those Website Which Are Mobile Optimized. So People Can Experience A Better User Interaction With Websites.”

So Websites Will Have Separate Ranking While Searching On Web And Mobile Device Respectively.
Google Has Developed An Algorithm For Doing It. If You Are Amongst Those Who Are Using Same Look And View For Creating Websites, I Must Say “ You Are In Trouble.”

Here Is The Link Where You Can Search If Your Website Is Mobile Optimized Or Not.
Mobile Optimization Test

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Unlist Your Number From TrueCaller (Truecaller Hacked)

Hello Guyz,
   Its confirmed That on July 17, 2013, a global mobile directory application "TrueCaller" is hacked By Hackers of Syrian they can see the details of your email accounts, your mobile directories and etc etc.
  it is essential to keep yourself safe from this hack. so this post is about how to prevent this hacking attack on your number.

Removing Your Number:

      1:) Go To
      2:) Choose Your country and enter the phone number.
      3:) Type the Captcha and press Enter.

Now your number is permanently deleted from their directory. it can take upto 24 hrs to remove your number from their list.


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* General Hardware Test: Enter *#0*#
This will open up a new screen in which you can test each of the three base colors individually. The options to check all sensors (accelerometer, proximity, vibration, touch, etc.) are also present in this menu.
* Automatic Hardware Test: Enter *#05#
This covers pretty much all the functionality of the previous code, but t
his time, everything is automated. The diagnosis menu guides you through each step of testing.


Hello friend,as u all know windows 8 now has been released worldwide.
so here we are with new post about this new cool operating system shortcuts keys.
so next time when u gonna use windows 8,,,use these shortcut keys for fast access.